'Cyborg' Santos And Ronda Rousey Are Still Talking About A Fight That Won't Happen

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03.12.13 10 Comments

Erin Andrews gets the hover hand treatment.

Last we checked in on Cris “Cyborg” Santos, her and her manager Tito Ortiz were asking Dana White for her release from the UFC because she believed if she cut enough weight to qualify for a match against Ronda Rousey, she would die. Santos did, however, mention that she’d be willing to fight Rousey at 140 if the UFC Women’s Champion would meet her in the middle, but UFC President Dana White said at that point it wouldn’t even be for a title. Oh, and he also said that Santos was basically scared.

Now, as Santos is preparing for her upcoming Invicta fight, she’s still calling Rousey out for being too scared to add five pounds and fight her for basically no reason other than they hate each other, which, in fairness, is still a pretty damn good reason. And Santos simply won’t stand for Rousey calling her a fraud.

“Fraud? I’m not the one that hides behind a weight class that she knows I can’t make.”

Cyborg’s response? “Meet me at 140 lbs” … adding, “Then ask her if I’m a fraud after I knock her ass out!”

“Obviously she knows that she can’t compete with me – take the time, maybe [Ronda] will get good enough and gain some confidence.”

“Until then … I am the best and do not want to talk about hypotheticals. I fight in Invicta and I’m proud to be helping save women’s MMA!” (Via TMZ)

There you have it – Santos doesn’t want to play the hypothetical game anymore, so she’s not going to talk about it anymore. You know, unless there’s a microphone or camera in her face, then she’ll talk about it as much as she can. Meanwhile, while Santos is yapping to TMZ, Rousey won’t shut up about it either, because she likes to remind everyone that Santos’ early success came as a result of steroids.

Normally, I’d make a meow noise here but they could both kick my ass, so I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.

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