UFC 214: Cris Cyborg Destroys Tonya Evinger To Become The UFC Featherweight Champion

Cris Cyborg has held every major women’s featherweight championship ever created. She was the Strikeforce champion before being stripped due to a failed drug test, then she went on to continue her domination in Invicta before tearing through her opponents at 140 pounds. Tonight, at UFC 214, after stops, starts, and possible endings to her UFC career and a tumultuous relationship with the bosses, she got the last belt that matters. Cris Cyborg is the greatest female fighter ever.

For the first ten minutes, it was a calm, cool and collected Cyborg who would chip away at Tony Evinger who was just barely getting out of the way of Cyborg’s power shots. There’s no doubt Cyborg was winning, but Evinger was unofficially winning by just surviving.

But as tough as Evinger is, being tough doesn’t strictly win championships. She survived, yes, but Cyborg ultimately finished her with a brutal knee that sent Evinger crumpling to the mat. Props to Evinger for showing massive heart, but “surviving” isn’t always the best way to beat a monster.

It wasn’t the bloodbath we expected, but no doubt about it, Cris Cyborg dismantled Tonya Evinger piece by piece until she was nothing but dust, and now she’s added the final belt needed to undoubtedly make her the greatest female fighter of all-time. A UFC belt.