The Unstoppable Cris Cyborg Utterly Destroys Her Latest Opponent At UFC Fight Night 95

Cris Cyborg may have looked like a skeleton weighing-in on Friday for her second-ever UFC fight, but she looked like her old self in her fight against Lina Lansberg.

The first round was slow, with Lansberg literally hanging on for dear life and in an attempt to wear out Cyborg, but that didn’t work out well. Cyborg showed no signs of slowing down as she chipped away at Lansberg’s body with knees that would make any Muay Thai instructor proud. As the round expired, Cyborg would get a takedown, then a late flurry would rock Lansberg, but the crafty Swede would keep on keeping on.

The second round, however, was all Cyborg. This combo made Lansberg look like a punching bag.

Lansberg’s nose would be busted, and the blood began to flow. Lansberg said she wanted to take the damage early, but rope-a-doping Cyborg isn’t a great idea. Chipmunks cannot rope-a-dope lawnmowers, after all.

The referee would mercifully put an end to the fight at the end of the second round, and she remains undefeated at 140.

For what it’s worth, Lina Lansberg was all smiles even with her Reebok gear soaked in blood.

Lansberg is the happiest, goriest, beaten fighter: