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So something crazy happened after the Pittsburgh Penguins finished off their sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes last night, and some of you won’t fully appreciate this, but…whatever dude. So Sidney Crosby went up to accept the Prince of Wales trophy and…actually picked it up and skated around with it BUT DID NOT HOIST! Regardless of whether hoisting was involved, Crosby amusingly violated one of the great NHL superstitions of handling the team’s conference trophy before the Stanley Cup final. Kinda like touching yourself when there’s an actual woman in the next room. Sort of.

It was actually the Carolina Hurricanes that, after winning the Wales Eastern Conference in 2006, surrounded the Wales trophy, posed with it as a team, and skated off the ice without touching it. They won the Cup in seven games.

The monolith actually found four instances where the jinx didn’t seem to apply, including the 1991 Penguins, but that team was so damn good they could have touched a classroom full of third graders and sauntered out of court the same day. Whether it has merit or not, the no-touch of the conference trophy is yet another one of those fun hockey traditions that seems ready to die. Soon, hockey players won’t even be coercing women into sex against their will, and I’m not sure that’s a world I want to live in.

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