The Crying Jordan Meme Has Made Its Way Onto These Fantastic Softball Uniforms

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We’ve gotten to the point in Crying Jordan‘s life cycle where it’s kind of played out. While the meme has had one hell of a run, it’s become a staple of the internet for so long that you need to do something new for it to be funny. For example, after UCLA lost to Kentucky in the Sweet 16 and everyone made jokes about LaVar Ball, there was a Crying Jordan meme. It was silly, but it wasn’t straight-up funny, which is the issue that the meme has faced whenever it has popped up lately.

But thanks to this mad genius who was tasked with coming up with his team’s softball uniforms, we finally have a hilarious use of the meme. A guy named Brian Havrilla needed to make something for his team to wear, so he decided to throw Crying Jordan onto the team’s hats and uniforms.

As Bleacher Report learned, our dude is pretty good at making jokes through sports. For example, he made four brackets for March Madness this year, and all of them have a different name based on the team he had winning it all.

Anyway, is putting Crying Jordan on a uniform a bad omen? I would think it is, because that is synonymous with losing, but anything is possible. Maybe the sports gods will respect Havrilla’s boldness and the team will be really, really good. All we know is this squad is either going undefeated or winless, and it’ll all be because they put a picture of Michael Jordan crying on their unis.