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Remember that Jim Calhoun press conference outburst earlier this week? Neither do I, but apparently not everyone has a life to move onto after seeing that. Two Connecticut state legislators state Sen. Mary Ann Handley and state Rep. Roberta Willis, both Democrats, sent a letter to UConn president Michael Hogan requesting that “appropriate disciplinary action” be taken against the men’s basketball coach. Like what, rapping him on the knuckles with a ruler?

“Coach Calhoun needs to be reminded that he is a role model for many athletes and students and that his behavior should reflect this position . . . His recent behavior was unacceptable, and we request that the university take appropriate disciplinary action to reinforce the high ethical standards we have come to expect from our flagship institution.”

It’s amazing that these…people…have the nerve to tell someone how to do his job WHEN THEIR STATE IS ALMOST 9 BILLION DOLLARS IN THE RED. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR FU¢KING BUDGET INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT SOME GUY THAT’S ACTUALLY PROFICIENT AT what he does…damn this caps lock button never wants to come up. How’d all these keys get so sticky, anyway?

[Hartford Courant, via GameOn]

Here’s the video again, just for kicks:

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