Cuba Gooding Jr. Might Go Down In History As The NHL’s Greatest Party Animal

06.13.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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If you were to look at Cuba Gooding Jr.’s body of work in the past few years, you’d likely either know him as the actor who played O.J. Simpson or the guy who loves to party at NHL events.

It’s been a few years since Cuba established the latter identity for himself at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, where he was a hot mess and (presumably) very drunk or otherwise impaired while presenting during the ceremony.

Then, some months later, Gooding built on that reputation at a Chicago Blackhawks preseason game. After successfully placing a puck through a small opening in the team’s intermission “Shoot The Puck” contest, the actor celebrated his achievement by stripping off his clothes.

Was it a Slapshot tribute, or just a party animal being a party animal? Either way, the crowd loved it. I can’t blame them either, that’s about as much entertainment as you’ll ever get at a preseason hockey game.

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