‘Cubs Facebook’ Is The Hot New Twitter Account That Celebrates Outraged Cubs Fans

Last year, an enterprising Chicago Cubs fan started a new Twitter account to honor the audacity of St. Louis Cardinals fans (like classy and intelligent me) in believing that they are the “Best Fans in Baseball”. I know it had to be a Cubs fan (or possibly a bitter X-Factor viewer) behind that account because fans of all other teams love and respect the Cardinals and their fans for being so smart when it comes to baseball’s inner workings and appropriate in all ballpark behavior.
Appropriately called “Baseball’s Best Fans”, this account simply retweets butthurt Cardinals fans who don’t like decisions made by the organization or plays on the field, and it’s all glorious. But the hurt is on the other butt now, Cubs fans, as someone has created the Twitter account “Cubs Facebook” which Tweets out actual comments from the official Cubs Facebook page. Even better, this Twitter is also run by a Cubs fan, with the battle cry:

Actual comments found on the Cubs Facebook page. This account is run by Cubs fans. We’re so sorry.

Naturally, we can appreciate how they haven’t all lost every shred of their sanity. And what better time to showcase such an account than right after Cubbies faithful lost their sh*t yesterday as the Tony Campana trade news broke. That’s right, Cubs fans are outraged that Tony “Hey, At Least He Runs Fast” Campana was traded.
Thank God for social media.

(H/T to our good friend King CoBrah; Original banner )