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In honor of the 60th birthday of WGN, the broadcast of today's Cubs game (just underway!) will begin in black and white featuring spare graphic elements that will increase as the game progresses. Neato torpedo, guys! If only there were some movie where they did this…

When you turn on the Cubs and Braves game Thursday, don't panic. There's nothing wrong with your TV set.

The teams will turn back the clock in honor of the 60th anniversary of Cubs baseball on WGN in the first throwback game at Wrigley Field. The plan is to begin the television broadcast in black-and-white, not color.

The game should be a treat for TV viewers, who can watch the first two innings in black and white with fewer camera angles. The telecast will try to go without a center-field camera and use basic graphics at the start, and then add a camera or another technical advancement as the game progresses. Commentators Len Kasper and Bob Brenly will don appropriate 1948 garb in the booth.

My, how things have changed since 1948. Back then, the Cubs hadn't won a World Series since 1908. What crazy times those were.

Good thing Erin Andrews did last night's game. Her "spelling bee yellow" would be replaced by 1948 "Get out of the press box, you lousy strumpet" gray. Eh, I'd still hit it with a fungo bat. 

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