Curt Schilling Ranted To Fox News About How ESPN Is Where The Real Racists Work

Curt Schilling, former baseball player and current out of work baseball analyst (due to his own mistakes he refuses to own up to), has managed to find himself back on TV as an “expert” on ESPN and the sports media giant’s politics. This has come in the wake of recent incidents, most notably Jemele Hill referring to Donald Trump as a white supremacist, as cable news looks to hear both sides of the issue that has stepped far outside the world of sports.

Schilling appeared on CNN earlier in the week to decry Hill as a racist for her statements on Trump being a racist, going to the tried and true theory of “who smelt it, dealt it,” and on Thursday morning he doubled down on that in an appearance on Fox News.

When asked if he was surprised by Hill’s statements or that she wasn’t punished by ESPN, he went back to the “they’re the real racists” well and explained that the entire company is filled with some of the most racist people in sports.

It’s an unsurprising and familiar rhetoric from Schilling and others that have been critical of ESPN’s left-leaning ways. They point to ESPN personalities discussing race and problems of racial inequality as being racism, despite the backwards nature of that entire thought process (reminder: reverse racism isn’t a thing).

Schilling remains a buffoon trying to gather sympathy for his own firing by equating his statements and offensive Facebook posts about transgender people and Muslims to Jemele Hill calling the president out for racist policies and surrounding himself with noted white supremacists.