Curt Schilling Made A Very Bad Tweet About The Hoboken Train Crash And The Internet Let Him Have It

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At this point, Curt Schilling has exhausted all the goodwill he built up over a long and stellar career with the Phillies, Diamondbacks and Red Sox. If all he had done after he retired was call games (very well, we might add) for ESPN, we’d still love him. But nooooo, he had to find social media and use it to spread some of the most asinine, hateful rhetoric and memes you’ll ever see.

Schilling continued this behavior on Thursday with wild, irresponsible speculation about the horrific train crash in Hoboken:

No, it wasn’t terrorism. It’s okay to have that first instinct somewhere deep down in your brain — no one can blame you for your knee-jerk reaction. But it does take a little more effort than that to tweet out baseless speculation to tons of people who already have their fear of terrorism exploited daily by those who profit from warlike behavior. Though it may be several degrees more tame than some of the stuff Schilling has posted about Hillary Clinton, it’s just as worthless.

Luckily, it’s exactly the right kind of absurd to be mercilessly slammed on Twitter for. It’s like Homer Simpson tweeting, but with just enough of an undercurrent of Donald Trump huffing and puffing. Have at it, folks.