Will Curt Schilling’s Latest Bigoted Facebook Post Finally Get Him Fired From ESPN?

04.20.16 3 years ago 24 Comments
curt schilling

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Possible future Hall of Fame pitcher and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling has once again shown that he’d rather be known for his bigoted political views than all of his skill on the mound and in the broadcast booth. Just seven months after serving a lengthy suspension for equating Muslims to Nazis, he posted a hateful image to his Facebook page regarding North Carolina’s law banning transgender individuals from using bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

The image has since been deleted, but Outsports screen captured it:

Whoever the person is in that photo, we hope they’re living their truth, and we’re sure they wouldn’t appreciate being held up as a bogeyman or directly accused of being a predator simply because they’re dressed like that. And even so, it’s a deeply troubling and insulting image to lump everyone transgender in with this one image — they’re as diverse as cisgendered people and just as worthy of respect.

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