Cushing Wins Defensive ROY…Again

05.12.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

The AP’s bit of holier-than-thou grandstanding in the form of a second vote proved to be for naught. Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, who originally was given the Associated Press’ distinction as Defensive Rookie of the Year, will retain that award.

In the revote, Cushing received 18 votes to finish ahead of Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd (13).

In the original voting at the end of the season, Cushing was a landslide winner with 39 of the 50 votes. Byrd was second with six votes.

“There was some doubt because I had heard that I might not keep it,” Cushing said about the rookie award. “It’s been tough. I’m glad this part is over. As I said, I’m very happy that enough voters were still behind me.” –Chron.

The NFL allowed Cushing to play through the 2009 season while his suspension was under appeal. If that’s good enough for the NFL, why isn’t it good enough for the AP? It’s telling that less than half of the 39 voters that originally voted for Cushing stuck with him. The 21 voters that did switch seem to have no problem with this juvenile “I wasn’t ready” approach to re-casting ballots.

That said, one has to wonder that the 18 that submitted the “same” ballot did so as some sort of strike against the unprecedent act of holding another vote. Let’s keep in mind that this is for the defensive rookie of the year. It’s hardly the Nobel. And yet here we are writing about it.

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