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I love Gina Carano like an adopted Chinese teenage girl, but even I have to admit that she got her ass blasted last night. In Carano’s bout with Cris “Cyborg” Santos she caught a bunch of early shots to the face and never recovered. The fight was stopped with one minute SECOND left in the first round, after Carano was getting pounded against the cage like a drunken prom date. Watch the entire fight in the video above.

“I was ready for five rounds if necessary,” said Cyborg. With a title on the line, the fight was was slated for five, five minute rounds. “I felt at that point it was time to finish the fight. I started to harder but I didn’t know there was like five seconds away from the end of the round. I felt like Gina kind of closed her guard and turned around a little bit. That’s when I went for the stronger punches.” via.

Even in watching the weigh-in, the differences were clear. Santos–even in a zebra print bikini–looked like a fighter, where Carano sheepishly stepped on the scale and even laughed in embarrassment as her weight was announced aloud.

That said, I can seriously say that this is the greatest women’s sporting event ever. For one reason: it was a matchup we couldn’t wait to see. More than Annika vs. Carrie. More than Venus vs. Serena. And sure, 50 percent of that was probably dictated by Carano’s appearance, but in this age of lingerie football, lady golf escorts, and subsidized basketball, 50 percent is a fair place to be. But Carano didn’t just gain attention because she was hot, but because she was hot and she could kick your ass! But after Satrurday’s fight, the latter may come under contention.

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