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Parkour not being retarded or deadly enough, the people of the Czech Republic have resorted to taking injurious leaps between large dick-shapped rocks because… I don't know. Do I look like an ethnographer?

While it may seem suicidal, leaping across a gaping crevasse is actually an extreme sport that is gaining in popularity.

Called rock jumping, or simply jumping by the locals, this adrenaline-charged activity is taking place in the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks, a remote nature preserve in the northeast part of the Czech Republic.

Known for its roughly 11 square miles of phallic sandstone formations, the region has been a breeding ground for lifelong rock climbers, including Jaroslav Houser, 63, the purported conqueror of more than 1,000 sandstone spires.

Ah. A lifetime scaling dicks. A-Rod looks forward to beginning his post-marriage life in Eastern Europe.

And leaping across large gaping holes to get to giant dick stones? It's like the Gay Super Mario Bros. come to life.

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