D Is For Dunking, That's Good Enough For Me

04.05.12 7 years ago 2 Comments

(No, seriously, that’s all I do.)

By way of That NBA Lottery Pick comes this preview clip of Los Angeles Clippers alley-oopist Blake Griffin’s upcoming appearance on ‘Sesame Street’. It’s basically the coolest thing that can happen to you as a celebrity (other than your solid gold house and rocket car), but I’m surprised at Griffin’s appearance, because I had no idea he could read.

Griffin’s experience looks like the one shared by anyone else who watched Sesame Street growing up and tunes in now — he comes into it expecting Bert and Ernie, but ends up getting shouted at by Elmo.

If this is a little passive for your Blake Griffin news, please enjoy these follow-up videos of Blake making Pau Gasol look like f**king Telly Monster.

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