Dada 5000 Pens A Touching Tribute To Former Rival Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 may have had an incendiary lead-up to their plodding and, in retrospect, horrifying fight at Bellator 149, but there was a longstanding respect between the two former friends. Kimbo (Kevin Ferguson) and Dada 5000 (Dhafir Harris) came up together, brothers-in-arms in the south Florida fight game. Kimbo was a mentor to Harris well before he was a rival, and he knows that there would be no Dada 5000 without Kimbo Slice.

“…he inspired a movement that captivated a nation and for that I was inspired and will forever be grateful. Because if it wasn’t For Kimbo Slice! There would not be a Dada 5000! Sure we had our Differences and before we Fought I for gave him for every one of them. Kimbo Slice was and will be forever known for his epic and ferocious battles in the backyard that led him to National and international stardom.”

With his own fight career likely in the rearview mirror after suffering from kidney and heart failure after their Bellator bout, Dada knows now is the time to let bygones be bygones and move on from the fight world. Kimbo will forever be tied to Dada, even in death, and this touching tribute is a testament to his sportsmanship and the brotherhood that is the fight game.