Daily Fantasy Football Advice For Week 17 Of NFL Action

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The National Football League’s 2017 regular season is coming to a close this weekend. What a magical ride it’s been! It’s also been dogsh*t ride too thanks to a season of endless injuries and owners f*cking up social progress, but this is the final daily fantasy football post of the year so we’ll be focusing on the cheerier stuff. Y’know, mostly correct (so far) observations about the upcoming slate of games and how that could impact your DFS roster. Once this season is over your Sundays are kinda sorta free again and you can go back to dogfights (or whatever it is you do on weekends which I guess could include playoff games). For now? We’re all in the NFL’s pocket for one more Sunday.

I’m Dan and it’s been my pleasure to go on this silly fantasy sports excursion with you cool cats. Apologies for the garbage advice and a humble “you’re welcome” (which is worse) for the stuff that panned out. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be drunk or making the mistake of eating the second half of that brownie on Sunday cuz New Year’s, so let’s just get to the football blab, shall we?

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