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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leaving Dale Earnhardt Inc. at the end of this season, and he's looking to sign with one of the other top Chevy teams in order to compete for the Nextel Cup.  However, it doesn't look he'll be driving for the best team in NASCAR next season:

Although he's spoken to Earnhardt, car owner Rick Hendrick said Saturday "there's no room at the inn" for NASCAR's most popular driver.

You know who else was denied a room at an inn?  Jesus. His Father is still revered as well with posters, books, flags and mud flaps.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the Hebrews referred to Yahweh as "The Intimidator" in the Old Testament.  This is not going to end well for Mr. Hendrick.

"We're good friends and I've talked to him, because I really want him to make the best decision and do the best thing for himself," Hendrick told The Associated Press. "But right now, I'm full." 

He should really read about what happened to Pontius Pilate because washing your hands of the situation doesn't make you any less culpable.  You shouldn't fuck with the child of someone famous, whether they be the Father Almighty or Dale Earnhardt Sr.  And you definitely shouldn't 'pants' Frank Sinatra Jr. in public, particularly if you enjoy the structural integrity of your femurs.  -KD    

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