The Cowboys Created An Obnoxious Bandwagon Fan Application In Case You Want To Be A Dallas Fan

01.11.17 3 years ago 4 Comments

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When one thinks of why the Dallas Cowboys are hated by so many non-Cowboys fans, a couple reasons spring to mind: the obnoxiousness of their 90’s “America’s Team” heyday, anything related to Jerry Jones, take your pick. But for plenty of folks, far and away the biggest reason to hate the Cowboys is their legion of bandwagon fans, who first joined during the aforementioned 90’s and only come back in force when they’re good again, like now. Well, the Cowboys are embracing those fans with a tongue-in-cheek application form:

We’re pretty sure that it’s meant for “real Cowboys fans” to use to troll latecomers to this season, but all this really does is feed the common conception that Cowboys fans only show up in October once the Yankees’ season is over, and they don’t pay attention to the offseason because that’s when LeBron James is in the playoffs. You played yourself, Cowboys.

One last thing: The “Do you mind working on Thanksgiving?” question has thrown us for a loop. Like, is there some fine print on the reverse side that means this application is actually for a job working the gates on gameday? Or does it means to equate rooting for the Cowboys with working? Either way, we’re on high alert.

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