A Crash Involving A Dallas Cowboys Bus Killed Four People In Arizona

07.25.16 3 years ago

Four people were killed in a traffic accident involving a Dallas Cowboys bus, according to WFAA.com. No one on the Cowboys or associated with the organization was killed, but four people in another vehicle died in the crash that took place on U.S. 93 near Dolan Springs, Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety did not confirm a number of fatalities, according to the story.

According to the report, there were no Cowboys players aboard the bus.

Four team staff members — Cowboys writer Mickey Spagnola, team mascot Rowdy, videographer Jason Walraven and the bus driver — were on board.

Spagnola was documenting the road trip for the team’s website as the bus was headed toward an event in Las Vegas. Walraven was there for video footage, in theory, while Rowdy is not a real person. I’m finding it quite ridiculous that a news outlet is reporting the names of the people on a bus in a fatal accident and listed a mascot, but not the name of the person who wears the costume, as a passenger in the vehicle.

This would be like if the Philadelphia Phillies were in an accident and a reporter listed the Phanatic as having minor injuries.

Anyway, the four people on the Cowboys bus appear to be okay.


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