Greg Hardy’s Worst Week Ever Continues When His Bentley Gets Stuck In A Flood

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens when your Bentley gets stuck in knee-high floodwater, the answer apparently is you just leave it there.

That’s what happened when new Dallas Cowboy defensive end Greg Hardy’s Bentley stalled out on a Dallas road yesterday. Greg is already having a pretty terrible week. First he was suspended for 10 games by the NFL. Then he got into an altercation with one of his new teammates who called him a wife beater because, well, he allegedly is one.

Things aren’t all bad for Hardy, though. When he came back to grab some of his stuff from the Bentley, he threw it all into his Ferrari and left.

You read that right. He abandoned his Bentley like it was a penny he dropped on the floor because it got stuck in some water. He then returned to the Bentley in his backup car. His backup car is a Ferrari.

(Via WFAA)

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