This Dallas Broadcaster Went Scorched-Earth On Jerry Jones And The Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks
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The 2015 Dallas Cowboys season has been a complete disaster. Everything is bigger in Texas, including meltdowns. Things are tense in the Lone Star state right now, and after seven(!)-straight losses (many in heartbreaking fashion), everyone is yelling at everyone else. It’s no different in the broadcast booth.

Norm Hitzges is a longtime Dallas broadcaster, and after the most recent heartbreak against the Buccaneers, he had decided enough was enough. It was time to let off some steam. On his local radio show, Hitzges let loose a gigantic rant on Jerry Jones, highlighted by a statement claiming he has “castrated” Jason Garrett.

The entire thing can be heard here:

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Some highlights:

“This isn’t a seven-game losing streak. This is a surrender of your freakin’ soul.”

“Is there any other coach in the NFL that has been so neutered?”

“Where the hell is your soul, Jerry? Where the hell is it? Do you not care that everybody laughs like crazy at your football team? It’s one thing to lose, it’s another thing to lose when you’ve already sacrificed your damn soul.

“If (Garrett) goes in the locker room and puts hits foot down, do 14 people giggle? Or do they sit there tweeting during his talk? If you begged to look ridiculous, Jerry, you got it.”

Most of his vitriol is leveled at Jones. Jerry has given up some of his general management control to his son, but he is still very much in control of the Cowboys. While it’s not known for sure just how much control Garrett has, it’s pretty easy to see where Hitzges is coming from. Jason Garrett has long been accused of essentially being Jerry’s Yes Man. Jerry has already gotten major criticism thus far over his handling of Greg Hardy, and his own former player Troy Aikman has already said that Jerry will pretty much ignore anything as long as the player produces.

The Cowboys are a laughing stock. Losing one player, even one as good as Tony Romo, shouldn’t equal a seven-game losing streak. The Cowboys were considered a Super Bowl contender before the season, yet now they sit at 2-7 at the bottom of the NFC East with very little hope at a playoff berth. That usually falls on the coach, but this might be the first case of sh*t rolling uphill.