The Cowboys Attempted The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And Jerry Jones Was Terrible At It

11.07.16 1 year ago 3 Comments


I just want to warn you now — the Mannequin Challenge is going to end you. You survived Tebowing and the Harlem Shake, but this is going to be the one that causes you to cut yourself off from society and live in a mud hut in the woods. Each Mannequin Challenge is either the same as the one you just saw or somehow worse despite it being the most simple premise ever.

If you’re an old, you may not even know what this is. The Mannequin Challenge was invented in 1987 by Andrew McCarthy, who really wanted to have sex with a mannequin in the movie Mannequin. I’m foggy on the details, but eventually the mannequin, played by Kim Cattrall, comes to life and sex is had. The Mannequin Challenge was accepted and conquered. Estelle Getty was there too.

Today’s Mannequin Challenge is a thing every sports team is going to do until it runs through all the sports teams, so figure this fad passes in like eight years. You’re going to see video of the Potomac State Fart Mongers doing this in 2019 and you’ll have to humor your co-worker who emails it to you, then comes to your desk to make sure you got it so you can watch it together. When historians look back on the Mannequin Challenge, they will determine it was the No. 1 cause of The Purge becoming a reality.

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