The Dallas Cowboys Stars That Fans Hated To See In Another Team’s Uniform

07.16.15 4 years ago
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The common adage that cuts to the heart of sports fandom is that you’re rooting for laundry. The star players who carried your team and gave you reasons to cheer can feel like you’re flesh and blood, until they up and leave or ownership sends them away. It’s a scarring moment in many a young fan’s life. And after comes the surreal experience of watching that player in another team’s uniform, like seeing an ex with a new significant other. Sometimes, the break-up wasn’t so bad, and you’re happy to see them happy. More often, it’s a painful mix of regret and resentment.

So, how ’bout it, Cowboys fans? You’ll have one of those moments in the upcoming season with DeMarco Murray now wearing green, and it reminded us of the other times you were forced to watch a player you love wear another fan’s laundry.

DeMarco Murray

Cowboys career: 934 carries, 4,526 rushing yards, 28 rushing TD
Post-Cowboys career (with the Eagles): ?

DeMarco Murray was the AP Offensive Player of the Year in 2014, leading the NFL in carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. He was a dominant workhorse like the league hadn’t seen in several years, and he ran behind one of the best offensive lines in football with volume and efficiency. Then, the Cowboys let him walk in free agency (they were severely hampered by some awful contracts counting against the salary cap, to be fair) to their division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, the Eagles are a mad science concoction that could explode in Chip Kelly’s face, but that won’t make Cowboys fans feel much better if Murray has a season approaching the previous one, and Joseph Randle — of the career 3.6 yards per carry — can’t pick up the slack.

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