Dallas Latos Claims She Had A Bad Night At The National League Wild Card Game

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10.02.13 7 Comments

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Last night, the Cincinnati Reds were bounced from the MLB Playoffs, as the Pittsburgh Pirates extended their inspirational run away from 21 years of being awful with a 6-2 victory in the WIld Card play-in game. If the stat box had been the worst part of Dallas Latos’ evening, then we wouldn’t be talking about the model wife of Reds pitcher Mat Latos at all right now (unless I was mentioning that they have a cat named Cat Latos). However, a long series of Tweets from last night leads us to believe that she had a pretty awful time at PNC Park.

Dallas first Tweeted that she was punched in the head three times, and then the snowball rolled down the mountain from there. In typical Twitter fashion, a story was told and people either reacted compassionately or like vicious little demon monkeys.

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I’m not trying to call anyone a liar or downplay some pretty serious accusations, but there are no videos on YouTube as of yet – although I assume that most of Pittsburgh is still asleep – and WTAE in Pittsburgh reported that the Pittsburgh police claimed this morning that there was no report filed at the stadium’s Zone 1 security station. So if it did happen, hopefully justice is served, security guards will learn to do their jobs a little better and horrible people on Twitter will be attacked by sharks.

Otherwise, someone’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

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