Damian Lillard Pooped All Over Some Sports Legends For Foot Locker

As soon as I heard that Foot Locker had recruited Damian Lillard for a commercial that makes fun of some of the NBA’s and NFL’s living legends, my immediate reaction was, “Yay, I love making fun of WCW legend Karl Malone!” And sure enough, there’s the Mailman himself looking all sad with a huge plate of hamburgers as Lillard just can’t stop digging his hole deeper and deeper. Also along for the ride are Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson and Chris Webber, who doesn’t necessarily qualify for living legend status, but he had a pretty great career. It would have been funnier, though if he had said, “Timeout” when he gave Lillard the dirty look. And then maybe winked at the camera.

Why no love for baseball, though? Like they couldn’t get Ken Griffey, Jr. and Ryne Sandberg to laugh at themselves a little? I’d be more inclined to pay retail prices for shoes if making fun of baseball stars is included in commercials like this.