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You may or may not have heard about the dirty hippies trying to save some trees in Berkeley, but the story is less likely to be under the radar now that the hippies have gotten naked.

Seventy-eight performance artists, models, protesters and their supporters stripped down for the camera in a grove of oak trees at UC Berkeley that could fall to make room for an athletic training center. The au-naturel visitors joined a half-dozen activists who have lived in the trees since December to protest Cal's plan to raze the grove near Memorial Stadium.

Ugh, "performance artists." That's what they call hippies who don't have any actual artistic talent.

Man, this is a dilemma. Like, I think trees are great and I tend to dislike the money-grubbing machinations of large universities, but… I fucking hate hippies. Isn't there some way the trees could be saved but the hippies destroyed? I would hate to see one of those animals living in my favorite grove of trees. Who made hippie-shooting illegal, anyway? Was it that pussy Carter?

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