Damn It, Kate Upton Is Making Us Cheer For The Atlanta Braves Now

I’m going to be honest here for a second – not that I ever lie to you all about my supermodel harem and/or my net worth of $69 billion – I’m a little surprised that it took Sports Illustrated this long to give us a cover featuring BJ, Justin and Kate Upton all at once. But I also have all the respect in the world for our friends at SI because they keep making covers with Kate Upton on them, so I’ll just assume that they rolled the dice and hoped for the Atlanta Braves to make the playoffs so they could run with this one.

Either way, this makes it very tough for me, a classy and more intelligent St. Louis Cardinals fan, to cheer against the Braves, but I will. Also, Detroit Tigers fans should be angry with Kate for two reasons: 1) She’s a Tigers fan dressed up as a Braves fan, and 2) She ruined Justin Verlander. Actually, if anyone should be worried now, it should be Braves fans. The curse of Kate is real!

(H/T to Isaac from Guyism)