Dan Cortese, Daisy Fuentes Took Us Back To The 90s With Some NBA Finals Trash Talk

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06.19.13 7 Comments

Dan Cortese and Daisy Fuentes

Last night’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals was an instant classic for a number of reasons, from Tim Duncan bathing and frolicking in the Fountain of Youth and LeBron James unlocking “Kiss My Ass” mode in the fourth quarter to Manu Ginobili’s “Go home, you’re drunk” style and Miami Heat fans, well, just going home before the 4th quarter was over. But you clearly watched all of that go down and don’t need me to recap the rest of the finer points of the Miami Heat’s unbelievable 103-100 OT win that featured them overcoming a 5-point deficit with less than 30-seconds left in regulation.

Instead, I’ve got the story behind the story, and possibly behind several other stories – 90s MTV icons Dan Cortese and Daisy Fuentes talked trash to each other on Twitter last night.

It started with Cortese, presumably wearing a backwards Starter hat, cheering on Duncan’s youthful resurgence…

Out of nowhere, Fuentes (whose name means Daisy Fresh) kept it real on Cortese…

But just like the cool bro that he has always been, Cortese fired off the perfect comeback…

Although it would have been a million times better if he added, #StepOff.

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