Dan Gilbert To Tom Izzo: “Hang In There”

02.08.11 8 years ago

The Michigan State Spartans and head coach Tom Izzo have hit a really crappy streak lately, going from 12-5 to 13-10 in six games. Yes, three of those losses were to ranked teams (#22 Illinois, #13 Purdue, #18 Wisconsin), but one of them was also to a 72-52 loss against Iowa, a 10-13 team. That’s not what you really expect from a team who just a season ago made it to the Final Four. Yes, there’s some kind of dropoff after players decide to go to the NBA Draft, but there should be some kind of foundation so you don’t go from really good to really sh-tty in just one season.

Izzo is getting yelled at from fans and the Spartans are basically unwatchable right now. Hey, what’s that?! Up in the sky! It’s Dan Gilbert with his amazing angry yelling powers! Look what he did to motivate the Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost LeBron! Actually, don’t look. You might throw up due to how ugly it is now.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo says Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has sent him an encouraging text message.

Izzo says the note from Gilbert on Monday read “hang in there.” –AP.

Where the hell is the connection between these two guys, you might ask? Well, if you remember, one of the tactics Gilbert used to try and keep LeBron in Cleveland was letting him help choose a new coach if he wanted one. Izzo was rumored to be one of the possible replacements for Mike Brown after he was fired. If the Spartans keep sucking terribly, and a job opens up in Cleveland since Byron Scott seems to be doing absolute dick (to be fair, the talent on his team includes Christian Eyenga), Gilbert could get Izzo to his team. Then, they could both suck together!

If all Gilbert’s text consisted of was “hang in there,” I feel that he didn’t put a lot of effort into it when contacting Izzo. For all we know, Gilbert could have had this poster in his office and figured out what he wanted to say to Izzo after looking at it. I bet that cat never coached a pain-in-the-ass college basketball team, though.

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