Dan Henderson Just Scored A Massive Knockout In What May Be The Final Fight Of His Career

Dan Henderson just shocked the world again by knocking out former welterweight contender Hector Lombard as the Cuban powerhouse made his middleweight debut at UFC 199. A lot of people had doubts that Henderson could handle Lombard, and leading up to the fight there were rumblings that Hendo was considering retirement.

But handle him Henderson did, and in shocking fashion. The first round was a back and forth that saw Henderson clip and stun Lombard before Lombard returned the favor, repeatedly staggered Henderson with bombs. The ringside doctor was actually called in to make sure Hendo was fit to answer the bell for the second round, and it was no sure thing that things would continue.

Fortunately for Dan the fight was allowed to go on and after two minutes of cautious feeling out, Henderson caught Lombard with a kick and followed it up with an elbow that caught Hector on the temple and dropped him. Two hammerfists to the face of the fallen Lombard and Dan Henderson had earned his 32nd career win.

Following the fight, Henderson admitted he wasn’t sure what came next.

The fight was the last on his current contract with the UFC, and he has left the promotion before when he felt he wasn’t offered what he was worth. If this ends up being the last fight we see from him, it will be an epic way to go out. Regardless, we have to thank Hendo for another great fight amongst many in a legendary career.