Dan Henderson Got An Adorable Welcome Home Message From His Neighbors After His UFC 199 Knockout

Dan Henderson walked into UFC 199 as a man who would be celebrating his 46th birthday in just over two months, on the last fight of his UFC contract and facing an absolute killer in Hector Lombard. Hendo was also staring down the barrel of a 3-6 record since his legendary fight against Shogun Rua at UFC 139 in 2011 and was finally ready to talk retirement. If this performance was to be Henderson’s swan song, it promised to be a violent one, and it was.

It would not be Dan Henderson, who had been finished violently in his last four losses, to fall. No, for some ungodly reason Dan Henderson threw a head kick, and it landed, stunning Lombard. I’ve been watching Dan Henderson’s entire career, and I don’t know if he’s ever thrown a head kick in a professional fight before, but that kick led to an incredible back elbow that would crush Lombard’s temple and send him unconscious to the mat, where Hendo would land brutal hellbows onto his face.

The H-Bomb, made famous by Hendo’s knockout of Michael Bisping is now just a dusty weapon in Hendo’s arsenal. Now, there is Endo.

Elbow + Hendo = Endo.

Dan Henderson did it. When he got home, his neighbors let him know that he invented a new level of violence in the most adorable fashion possible.