Dan Le Batard Perfectly Trolled Ken Griffey Jr.’s Hall Of Fame Voting

As you likely know by now, Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were selected to the MLB Hall of Fame on Wednesday. Both are no-brainers and Griffey received 99.3% of the vote, the highest percentage ever. However, since professional baseball can never do anything without some controversy, a mob was created to find out which three BBWAA members out of 440 didn’t vote for The Kid.

One of them was ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard—or so he would have you believe.

Some background is necessary. Two years ago Le Batard was stripped of his Hall of Fame vote because he gave it to Deadspin. It was a move met with mixed reaction. Those damn millennials blogging it up from their collective basements thought it was hilarious; old timers, on the hand, didn’t find it as funny. Either way, it was impossible for Le Batard to leave Griffey off his Hall of Fame ballot because he didn’t have one to begin with.

However, Le Batard is an outstanding troll. This isn’t meant in a negative way, either. His rants are legitimately entertaining and he’s one of the few radio show hosts who can pull off humor in sports talk. This is an accomplishment in and of itself, seeing as most people—shock jocks and fans alike—view sports as seriously as a heart attack.

Not surprisingly, Le Batard received quite a few angry tweets for his faux non-vote because folks love to be mad online. Guess we’ll leave it to the Mariners, Griffey’s home for more than a decade, to take the whole thing less seriously:

(Via Awful Announcing)