No One Has Ever Been Happier Than Dan Orlovsky After Jimmy Garoppolo Ran Out Of His Own End Zone

The Sunday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos was, quite possibly, the worst NFL game we will see all season, but because both offenses were playing so bad, we were treated to a thrilling (in a sick, twisted way) contest that, deep into the fourth quarter, featured an incredibly rare 10-5 score.

The reason the Broncos had five points was because of a painfully bad play from Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who took a 12-yard dropback from his own 1-yard-line for a safety.

As Mike Tirico called out immediately on the broadcast, that play was reminiscent of the legendary accidental safety taken by Dan Orlovsky when he was with the Lions in 2008, rolling out of the back of the end zone against the Vikings in a play that has become an all-time blooper reel lowlight.

Orlovsky, now an NFL analyst for ESPN, did what any normal human would do in this situation and took the world’s greatest victory lap, knowing he now had company in the “running out of the back of the end zone” club — and found himself trending in the process.

After more than a decade of seeing that clip on a loop, it’s clear that Orlovsky has embraced it as part of his legacy, but having some company now when that clip gets run has to feel good and it’s hard to blame him for loving