05.21.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

Mason High School's own Dan Patrick left ESPN nine months ago in hopes of enjoying some of his own success after doing SportsCenter and his eponymous midday radio show. Turns out that leaving the biggest sports media conglomerate wasn't such a wise move, was it, Sports by Brooks?

The clearance in Miami on the small, scratchy-signaled station though means that after six months on the air, Patrick’s show is now cleared live on a grand total of three major market (Top 25) stations. And really only one of those is a legitimate outlet (KLAC-AM in Los Angeles). The other two stations in Minneapolis and St. Louis are small, flanker sports stations. The show can also be heard live in Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

Patrick's radio show pretty much went to shit after he got rid of Rob Dibble, who himself got annoying in his attempts to convince everyone that steroids wouldn't help a baseball player. Maybe some more stoic black-and-white photographs will win some of those markets over. Who would have thought that a 50-year-old white guy from Ohio with no personality would make for bad radio? 

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