Dan Synder Knows Fat Al’s Pain

08.04.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Washington Redskins owner and known football genius, Dan Synder, gave the conditioning test the ol’ college try, but much like his star defensive lineman, came up short. In a recent interview with Hogs Haven, Danny let the world know about the most grueling test he’s taken since the SATs.

In fact, Kevin and I went into the interview with zero intention of bringing up, for example, Albert Haynesworth. We felt it would be more newsworthy if we didn’t ask any Haynesworth questions. But sure enough, the first thing Dan asked us was if we came there to talk Haynesworth. We informed him of our decision to lay off the topic due to being completely tired of talking about it but there continues to be no escape from the subject. Since he brought it up, we asked him if he had passed the conditioning test.

DAN: First of all, it is hard. A couple years back, I tell London Fletcher I am going to run this thing. He gets me a pair of cleats and I go out there and try to do it. (laughing pretty hard) I am no athlete. London was just about peeing his pants he was laughing so hard at me as I dry-heaved. I felt like I was going to die. –Hogs Haven

Good to see that Dan can pal around with the guys on the team. Vinny Cerrato didn’t leave the team because of his piss poor performance, but because Dan Synder had his underwear run up a flag pole daily. Vinny could constantly be found crying in his office because the never ending barrage of wedgies left some painful chafing. Former NFL player and ESPN personality Mike Golic was able to finish the test in time, and he’s a fat dad with college age kids. Video after the jump.

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