Here’s Dan Uggla Falling Off Of The Hoverboard He Got For Christmas

It seems like everyone who got a hoverboard for Christmas spent some portion of time losing their balance and falling onto their butts. We compiled a gigantic list of videos of people who got dropped like a bad habit by gravity, and there’s something hypnotizing about these videos. You know what will happen in every one, but for some reason, you can’t stop watching.

Apparently, even professional athletes can fall victim to not having the balance/coordination required to hoverboard around. Case in point: Here’s free agent second baseman Dan Uggla scooting around on a board and completely eating it. Uggla’s zooming around with his two kids – who impressively picked up hoverboarding right away – while his wife records the entire thing.

It looks like a blast – the entire family is involved and Justin Bieber is playing in the background, everyone’s smiling and having a good time, and then Uggla decided that he wanted to try going backwards on his hoverboard. He had it for a few seconds, but he ultimately couldn’t keep his balance and went back-first to the ground.

The video cuts off, but it’s probably fair to assume that the kids laughed really hard, because there’s nothing funnier when you’re a child than watching your dad fall down and slightly hurt himself.

(via SB Nation)