Conor McGregor Told Dana White That He’ll Knock Out Mayweather Within 4 Rounds

Entertainment Editor
07.10.17 2 Comments

Mystic Mac is here to make another prediction, and when Mystic Mac makes a prediction, you best to listen. We know Conor McGregor may say a lot of things, but showmen need to, and when it comes down to it, he’s delivered on almost all of his promises. Only Nate Diaz has truly been his foil. So when you learn that he promised Dana White that he’d knock out Floyd Mayweather within four rounds, eyebrows raise.

Dana White had a solid response when the Speak For Yourself hosts pressed him on the issue: “People ask me if McGregor can beat Mayweather when Pacquiao just got beat by a school teacher.” He’s right. He’s damn right. Granted, the hosts fired back by saying the “judges beat Pacquiao” which is true, and White agrees, but Jeff Horn got his hand raised. What if McGregor did too?

It would be utterly shocking to see a “1” next to the 49 on Mayweather’s record, but strange things happen, and just about everyone agrees that McGregor needs to get this done in the first 4-5 rounds or he’s completely done. What if does it? What if McGregor not only beats Mayweather, but knocks him unconscious and calls it a month ahead of time?

That’ll be worth the $100.

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