Dana White Isn’t Concerned With The Opinion Of ‘Uppity, 80-Year-Old’ Meryl Streep

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01.09.17 6 Comments

Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2017 Golden Globes featured a little bit of everything for everyone, from the call to arms against Donald Trump’s offensive, bullying behavior to reminding the world that Hollywood is a true melting pot of talented artists. And it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, whether you loved her speech or think the out-of-touch, “overrated” rich lady should zip it, because you have to admit it’s pretty hilarious that Meryl-freaking-Streep managed to piss off MMA fighters and fans with a simple, not-really-clever one-liner.

Obviously, people who love, appreciate, and compete in mixed martial arts think the Academy Award winner is dead wrong in saying that fighting isn’t an art. Now UFC President Dana White, as expected, has weighed in on Streep’s low-blow to his business (figurative, obviously, but holy sh*t that would sell some PPVs).

The last thing in the world I expect is an uppity, 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts.

The best part of this interview with TMZ Sports is the suggestion that Streep, who is only 67, may have been throwing subtle shade directly at White because he supports Trump and spoke at the RNC. White didn’t really buy into that idea, unfortunately, but that could have set up a feud for the ages.

But is MMA actually an art?

Of course it’s an art. These fighters, the men and women, are so talented. They train their whole lives to become the best in the world. The people who get into the UFC are the elite of the elite. Saying something stupid like that is like saying she’s not a talented actress, but she is.

Dana White, always taking the high road. Of course, not to pile on Streep, but if MMA isn’t really an art, then why does one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest artists love it so much?

Check and mate, Florence Foster Jenkins.

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