Dana White Had Some Interesting Thoughts On The Scoring Of The Henderson/Bisping Fight

Dan Henderson’s career is over, and despite not getting his hand raised and having a belt wrapped around his waist at UFC 204, his exit went pretty damn well and didn’t affect his legacy a bit. At 46 years old, he dropped Michael Bisping twice, and left the champ looking like he was stung by a bee with a chainsaw for a stinger. There are plenty of fans out there who believed Hendo won the damn match, which is vindicating for Henderson at the very least. In fact, one person who thought Hendo won, or brought the fight to a draw, was Dana White, who believed round one was 10-8: Hendo.

In this up close and personal post-fight discussion with Henderson, you can hear White and Henderson break down the scoring in between Dana giving Hendo a ton of props for his performance. White is less than a year older than him, after all.

The first round would be 10-8. That’s how I have it. And then you won the second, yep. I had it 2-1 going into the 4th then I had it 2-2 going into the 5th.

Hendo then goes on to say that if he got a 10-8, it would be a draw if Bisping won rounds 3,4,5. I personally had round 5 for Henderson and round 1 was not a 10-8, giving it 1,2,5 Hendo. Of course, all things considered, the real winner of this fight was Diego Sanchez, but Diaz also won 1, 2, 5.