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Nightmares. Nightmares.


The 10 Freakiest Commercials of 2011 – That ‘Dead Island’ announcement trailer really is fantastic, and I wish any part of the actual game was as good as it. Also, I want somebody to make a Skyrim trailer like this with a guy taking an arrow in the knee in reverse, ending with him as an adventurer like me. [Warming Glow]

The Robert Downey Jr. Acting Venn Diagram – I feel like Chaplin should be in here somewhere. [UPROXX]

This Week in Posters: Battleships, Ghost Riders, & Spider-Men – The funniest thing I’m going to see all week is another goddamn Spider-Man origin story advertised as “untold”. Starving kids in Africa know Spider-Man’s origin, just shut up and make him fight Electro. [Film Drunk]

Four Theories on Why the Internet Has Such a Massive Almost Unexplainable Crush on Alison Brie – Nice science, Pajiba. She’s a gorgeous woman who seems nice and she has big boobs, end of experiment. [Pajiba]

Observe The Phanatic In Its Natural Habitat – I didn’t want this to get bumped completely off the page yet, because it’s one of the best things I’m ever going to share with you. [With Leather]

Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 15 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2011 Black List – Somebody throw Seven Hill City on there, I’ve almost convinced people to just come film it guerrilla style in Austin. [Gamma Squad]

Waka Flocka On Wiz Khalifa’s Success: “All Hype” – Also, payola. [Smoking Section]

Christina Hendricks Is Johnnie Walker’s New Internet Sales Rep – hey christina, your boobs would look a lot better if you didn’t smash them against your chest and throttle yourself with them [UPROXX]

Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch This Video Of Dogs Hanging Out Of Car Windows – Seriously, do that. [UPROXX]

The 45 Best Mugshots Of 2011 – The 100 Best Buzzfeed Lists Of Things That Happened In 2011 2011. [Buzzfeed]

OCD Dog Hates When Kitchen Cabinets Are Left Open – I need this dog, I’ve got some Sixth Sense shit happening in my house. [The FW]

7 Things to Watch for From the Golden Globe and SAG Nominations – #1: whether or not anybody actually watched Hugo, because it is better than anything being nominated. [Moviefone]

A Gallery of Classic 8-Bit Mashups from Drew Wise – He’s the guy that designed the potato chips bags! [Unreality]

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