We Talked To D’Angelo Russell And Dan Marino About Their Live Fantasy Football Draft

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Fantasy football just continues to grow and improve year-in and year-out. Whether you auto-draft, pick your teams by colors, or do all the research and background to locate all the players you want to draft, fantasy football has become a stable in American society due to the wide variety of outcomes and its ability to bring people together.

In fact, because of the popularity and success that fantasy football has had over the past few years, National Draft Day was created, which comes every year now on Sunday, Aug. 27th.

On this year’s National Draft Day, Yahoo Sports transformed a New York studio into a draft den where popular names like Dan Marino, D’Angelo Russell, and Kelly Olynyk joined in on the fun and performed their own three-round fantasy mock draft.

“I played quarterback and safety in high school,” Russell told DIME. “I’ve never done fantasy before, so I will probably pick a lot of Buckeyes.”

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Russell certainly got one Buckeye in Ezekiel Elliott, who should get the opportunity to play in Week 1 after his hearing for a six-game suspension went longer than anticipated. But, Russell’s other two picks were headscratching. He picked Davante Parker second overall and DeSean Jackson in the third round, both of whom were picked much higher than their grades or pre-draft rankings.

Draft expert Brad Evans weighed in on each team and graded their results. Russell was near the bottom, getting a D+ rating. But, former Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino ranked second best of the pack with a solid B grade.

Marino drafted the likes of Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper and Leonard Fournette. However, he didn’t take his former position in a quarterback.