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Noted bloggerati Unsilent Majority and Sarah Schorno spent a weekend in Vegas to check out the new Lagasse’s Stadium. It’s a new restaurant and bar nestled squarely into the Palazzo hotel lobby, promising entertainment and food and over 100 HDTVs in case you hate everyone at your table. UM and Sarah wrote something up for their trip about the newest venture from famed TV chef Emeril Lagasse; their words are after the jump.

With drinks in hand we made our way into the central area of Lagasse’s Stadium which housed the VIPs, including some current and former athletes, half the cast of Entourage, and other assorted celebrities. Now I appreciate any party that provides free booze, great food, and a close proximity to Danica Patrick and her fantastic dress [Sarah’s note: She was definitely banging. And tiny.], but I can tolerate only so much of this sort of gathering. Sarah, however, was in her glory. The highlight of her evening was getting to thank Warren Sapp for his support of single mothers [Sarah’s: He does good things. I thought I should let him know. Besides, I figured “Have you spoken to Chad Clifton recently?” might not be the best ice breaker.]. Gary Payton, Chazz Palminteri, and Dara Torres were also in attendance [Sarah: Don’t forget Bruce Jenner’s wax figure!]. There aren’t a lot of stories to tell, but if you’ve ever wondered what Kevin Dillon likes to talk about, the answer is, of course, Entourage. After snapping some pictures and eating some crabcakes [Sarah’s note: Nom nom nom.] it was time to move on. Besides, we were there to watch sports not to play celebrity blogger. Also I was tired.

Originally we’d planned to head back to the Stadium on Saturday for the Miami-Virginia Tech game. That plan went to hell the second Sarah the Hokie decided that we had to see the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Oh well, sharks beat ACC football any day of the week. [Sarah: Don’t waste your time. The exhibit kinda sucked. Not one instance of a shark killing anything]. After a while we headed back to the hotel for some quality time by the pool. Despite the grating club music and a preponderance of guys who wear Affliction when they aren’t dancing in three feet of water, this proved to be a wise decision. That’s thanks mostly to the pool’s waitresses, the alcohol they served, and the parade of models that sauntered around during a wholly unexpected bikini fashion show [Sarah: The best part of the fashion show was when one model almost bit it on the slippery pool deck.]

Tits make everything better.

The first bit of bad news* of the weekend came later in the day when we discovered that HBO doesn’t allow their programming to be broadcast at establishments like Lagasse’s Stadium. That meant we weren’t able to watch Vitali Klitschko beat the crap out of Chris Arreola. Instead we decided to do what Arreola probably wishes he’d done that night, we had dinner at Table 10. [Sarah: When you go, get the truffle mac and cheese. Holy crap.]

As anyone who has ever lived in the Pacific time zone knows, 10 am NFL kickoffs have both their advantages and drawbacks. It’s great to roll out of bed just as the pregame shows are beginning to wind down, however it’s pretty tough to get yourself ready for football when you’re still feeling the brutal effects of the previous night’s indulgences. Fortunately Lagasse’s Stadium was just an elevator ride away, and they happen to serve my favorite pre-game breakfast.

Finally we had a chance to enjoy the massive sports bar with actual sports being broadcast on an absurd number of televisions. If you plan (and reserve) ahead there many different ways to take in all the action. The central area of the bar features numerous leather couches arranged in stadium seating style facing a projection screen flanked by a dozen smaller flat screens. Underneath the televisions is a line to place bets on the day’s games as you’d see in any regular sports book. Somehow I managed to stop myself from putting any money on the Redskins and settled in to watch the entire franchise implode against the Lions. [Sarah: He he he. They suck]

We were set up with a prime spot, just in front of the skybox style seats in the back of the room. While the view was great for keeping up on all of the games, the number of screens and their small size made it a bit difficult to follow Washington’s ineptitude while they toiled away. [Sarah: Plus, I didn’t get to see the Coughlin face once.] That wasn’t a problem for those with private booths, who had the benefit of their own televisions. If you do make a trip to the Stadium to watch a specific game be sure to pony up for one of these setups, or sit in the restaurant or bar areas that get you closer to multiple televisions. While the Stadium includes over 100 HD screens many of them are tuned to the same game(s). If you happen to be flush with cash you’ll probably want to reserve one of the Stadium’s various luxury boxes. Each one is like your own private sports bar complete with couches, televisions, a pool table. You don’t have to pay to use the room, but each person in your party carries a $100 food and drink minimum for the day. [Sarah: A hundred bucks on drinks in Vegas? You’d hit your minimum in two hours. If you have a group of at least ten people, these rooms are the way to go.]

As with just about everything else in Vegas, the more money you’re willing to part with the better time you’re going to have. That’s not to say you have to break the bank to spend the day watching football, but the Stadium isn’t for those with tight fists. The food is obviously a selling point, especially the ridiculously tasty wings pictured above. However they only come eight to an order and will cost you $12. [Sarah: Some of the best wings I’ve ever had. Plus, the dressing comes in a rectangular dish so you can dip the whole side of a wing in it. Key.]

Of course food and drink aren’t the only ways to part with your money. What makes Lagasse’s Stadium truly unique is the built-in sports book. Unlike the old 40/40 Club you can now place all of your bets without leaving the establishment. They also added two LED boards that display the odds on all of the day’s games. And if sports betting isn’t for you, there’s always craps and blackjack ($15 minimum) in the Stadium’s gaming room.

God damn, I miss Vegas already.

*The second bit of bad news arose later in the day when I decided to repay the Palazzo for their hospitality by losing a few dozen hands of blackjack.

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