Danica Patrick Stars As A Sexy Car Thief, Because Of Course She Does

In country star Miranda Lambert’s video for ‘Fastest Girl In Town’, Miranda stars as a sexy local who may or may not know how to properly smoke a cigarette who uses her feminine wiles to lure unsuspecting billiards hunks away and steal their cars. Her accomplice? NASCAR’s own Danica Patrick, who manages to get into a car and drive it for almost two minutes without crashing into something.

Country music videos love to tether themselves as closely as possible to other, classically “redneck” endeavors (see also, Montgomery Gentry and TNA Wrestling’s ‘Cowboy’ James Storm in ‘Longnecks and Rednecks’), and this one hits all the great Southern marks: facial tattoos, dive bars with Christmas light decorations and cops who have no idea what they’re doing. All they need is 15 churches in the background and they’ve nailed my hometown.

Anyway, here’s Danica using tight pants and Wonder Woman gauntlets (?) to steal a car:

I would totally not see that movie.