05.12.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

Indy Car racing star Danica Patrick is a woman, and women are notoriously inattentive drivers.  That's what makes her hitting crew member Chuck Buckman on Friday afternoon during practice for the Indy 500 so hilarious.  She was probably using the rearview mirrow to check her lipstick!  Because women often do that, you see.

Buckman stumbled and his left leg was clipped by her left front tire, knocking him in the air. His head then hit her rear tire before he hit the ground.

Buckman suffered a concussion, scalp and facial abrasions but was awake and alert Friday night at Methodist Hospital. I really don’t remember how it happened,” Buckman said in a statement from the Speedway. “All I remember is I was talking with someone on Marco Andretti’s team and then everything is blank from that point.”

Sounds like the man is in love.  He went head over heels – check.  Can't remember how it happened – check.  Concussion and facial abrasions – check.  In a related story, I love you honey!  Don't worry about the police.  I would never press charges.  It's my fault for making you so mad.


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