Watch Danica Patrick And Denny Hamlin Get Into A Post-Wreck Argument

For the second time a week, Danica Patrick and Denny Hamlin went bumper-to-bumper on the NASCAR track, and it resulted once again in a wreck for Patrick. This is noteworthy because Danica got mad, y’all!

The first incident came on Wednesday during a practice for this weekend’s Daytona 500. The second one came in Thursday’s Daytona Duel, a race where Patrick needed a top 15 finish.

Patrick fought back after the wreck to finish the race in 10th place, so all is well, right? Nope. Jay Busbee of Yahoo! caught an even more awkward video of their spat.

No, this was probably not staged (let’s hope), but it just feels wrong. It feels too scripted, too WWE-ish.