Daniel Tosh’s ’30 For 30.0′ Breaks Down One Of The Internet’s Greatest Slam Dunk Videos

For as long as people have been posting humiliating home videos to YouTube with the hopes of becoming the next Star Wars kid or Tay Zonday, my absolute favorite has always been the goofy white kid showing off his slam dunk moves on a NERF hoop in his basement. Naturally, I’m a little geeked that after several years of being the (latest) authority in telling us about those videos, Daniel Tosh finally tracked down the man who was once that boy in his basement for a new segment entitled, “30 For 30.0”.

Of course, I also worried that it would just be typical Tosh fare, in that he’d help recreate the original video with his own special, snarky touch, but the guy who once stabbed Kate Upton in the tit with a banana actually put a little extra into this spoof, recruiting Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons, Spud Webb and even Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins to tell the story of Ryan, a goofy redheaded kid from Michigan who was a beast on the NERF hoop.

I hate admitting it, but there’s just something about Bill Simmons saying, “Four dollar piece of shit” that makes me giggle. However, I’m sure that when this was done, Rose told everyone that he was the funniest part of the funniest video ever made. “It redefined the way that people make videos on the Internet,” he’d tell people while outlining the upcoming 30 For 30 on Jalen Rose’s comedy career.