06.29.07 11 years ago 18 Comments

Daniela Hantuchova entered the fourth round of Wimbledon by beating Katarina Srebotnik 2-6, 6-3, 6-4.  Fascinating, I know.

And here she is yesterday at the All England Lawn Club or whatever the hell they call Wimbledon.  Lawn Clubs.  I think they have a lot of those in middle class suburban neighborhoods.  You know, the guys who use so much fertilizer on their lawns that they have to cut the grass two or three times a week?  What a bunch of fuckin losers.  They should watch me and see how cool it is to stay inside on a computer all day.

What was I talking about?  Oh right, tennis.  As you'll notice in these pics, Daniela has some semi-revealing faults in her clothing.  And thank me for not giving you ultra-high res photos of her face — she's got a little bit of Mauresmo fur and some acne.  But I think that's okay when your legs are as long as hers.  My God man.  Willow trees aren't that willowy.

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