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Danielle Gamba — the former Raiders cheerleader who was fired for posing nude, then turned to modeling for FHM and Playboy — is now cohabitating with Nick Swisher of the A's, according to SportsbyBrooks.

A source tells SbB Swisher spied Gamba "in a magazine", saw that she was from the Bay Area and did what any self-respecting pro athlete would do – had his manager find her and set up a face-to-face.

The two are now inseparable and cohabitating in Arizona as the A's get ready for Spring Training. Look for a piece in the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE about them shortly.

Must be fucking nice. See a naked girl in Playboy, then point and grunt to your agent. Unlike me. I'm all, "Jeeves, fetch me the hungriest girls from the strip club nearest a set of railroad tracks."

What's that you ask for, dear readers? You want a Not-Safe-For-Work link to five different galleries of her exposed to the elements? Fine, here it is. Don't say I never gave you anything. And remember while you're looking at her ample, freckled bosom that this is the kind of girl who gets drunk in airports and offers sexual favors to cops in order to beat the charges. (Note to cops: take the favors. Totally worth it.)

Also seen on Deadspin; thanks to FHM Online for the pic. 

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